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Onondaga Chapter
P.O. Box 11575 - Syracuse, New York, 13218

American Bikers Aimed Toward Education (ABATE) is a not-for-profit corporation, not a "motorcycle club", and was formed to promote and protect the interests of New York State motorcyclists. ABATE monitors and interracts with the legislative process,and provides educatuional and social opportunities for members, as well as non-members. ABATE continuously strives to become acquainted with the issues and people of the motorcycling communuity.

We encourage all our members to be informed, registered voters. We write letters to our elected officials and stay aware of what is going on with motorcycle legislation, education and other transportation issues. We spread the word about motorcycle safety, awareness, and education.

Membership is not required to attend meetings and events. We encourage anyone interested in motorcycling to "stop by". Now for a short list of upcoming events...

ABATE Onondaga Chapter: 2014 Halloween Party & Toys for Tots Drop Off

Friday, October 31st - Times TBA

For more details contact Lisa Letson @ 315-455-1073

ABATE Onondaga Chapter: Officer Nominations for 2015

Come to the November 9th membership meeting and nominate your candidates for Chapter Officers

ABATE Onondaga Chapter: 2014 Christmas Party

Sunday, December 20th - Times TBA

For more details contact Lisa Letson @ 315-455-1073

Chapter Newsletter Home Delivery Ending

Due to increased costs (production, processing..), the monthly home delivery of our Onondaga chapter newsletter has ended. We have migrated to an online presence.

We will continue offering our chapter newsletter, which will include new editorials, and areas of information, but it will be available electronically, via e-mail, our web site, and our Facebook page.


Chapter Meeting Dates

General Meetings are open to the public.

Officers Meeting Oct. 7th 6:00 PM
General Meeting Oct. 12th 12:00 Noon

Officers Meeting Nov. 4th 6:00 PM
Chapter Elections Nov. 9th 12:00 Noon

Officers Meeting Dec. 8st 6:00 PM
General Meeting Dec. 13th 12:00 Noon

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Chapter Meetings are brought to order at 12:00 Noon, on the second Sunday of each month
1116 Wolf St. - Syracuse, N.Y. - For more info call: 315-455-1073

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